High Energy Electrical Insulation Consultancy




From 1985 on Monique studied electrical engineering at Delft Technical University. In 1992 she completed this study at the section High Voltage Engineering with a project that concerned the localisation of failures in high voltage cables through run-time measurements.

Monique started her professional carrier in 1992 at HOLEC Ridderkerk BV as a High voltage & Insulation engineer. Her field of interest was in particular the research and design of insulation systems for rotating electrical machines and inductive components, as, for instance, reactors. In the course of the years she was promoted in the function of Senior R&D Engineer High Voltage and Insulation in the company that was taken over by Brush in 2003. The field of interest was broadened with the technical responsibility of the produced insulation systems. Important aspect of this reponsibility was the corporation with the various production departments and the purchase department. Activities were the improvement of production methods, enhancing the effectiveness of the production processes and, as a first priority, keeping the quality of the produced systems at the highest possible level.

Until her departure from the company in 2011 Monique was occupied with the different types of insulation systems produced by the company. These were low voltage systems based on random wound windings with dip varnish insulation, vacuum pressure silicon resin impregnation systems for traction motors, as well as high voltage mica-glass/epoxy insulation systems for rotating electrical machines in the varieties "Resin-Rich" and global vacuum pressure impregnated (GVPI).

For several years Monique was member of the national (Dutch) standards commission NEC15/98 (now NEC15/112) 'Insulation systems' where she contributed to the realization of various standards in the field of insulation materials and systems.