High Energy Electrical Insulation Consultancy

Vision & Method



The reason for Monique to start her own independent consultancy firm is that this enables her to encounter a challenge in a holistic way. It is Monique's strong belief that only through an integral approach, covering the total context of a problem or challenge, a solution that works in the long run can be reached. Not only components, materials and technical processes play a role, but also often inter human relations and work methods are important as well. Solving a technical issue through a physical solution has shown in many cases to be treatment of symptoms in situations where processes and communication are not well balanced.

When solving an issue, Monique, next to working on a physical solution for the technical problem, will devote a part of her attention to the question why the issue has risen in the first place. Subsequently she will try, by uncovering this root cause, to propose suggestions to prevent repetition of similar issues.